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We are happy to announce that on June 10th 2017 in our sponsored orphanage, Malachow in Poland our grand opening of a new Playground took place. Thanks to all hard work of all the people who are involved with our foundation, including all the volunteers, we had a chance to deliver our 4th beautiful Playground.
On that special day with the presents of all the orphans children including some of the well known guests our red ribbon was cut. The whole ceremony was accompanied with happy and smiling kids who waited so long for this special moment in their lives.
On January 27th in 2018 our 5th Annual Ball “White Tulip” will be organized again thanks to which once again we will be able to build and deliver another Playground to unprivileged orphan kids. The cost of our entire playground was: $17,583.62
Thank you!!
Board of Directors,
Dom Dziecka, Nfp.