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Our organization “Dom Dziecka” whose goal is to help kids from orphanages located in Poland, was established at the end of 2011 in Chicago. The main purpose of the foundation “DOM DZIECKA” is to build playgrounds for orphans in Poland where the facilities do not have the financial possibility to improve educational conditions and surroundings. Children raised in orphanages have no chance at a normal childhood therefore thanks to these kinds of projects such as building new Playgrounds / Parks in their orphan home will positively identify the place of their childhood.

We as a family and one Polish community, who are residing and living here permanently, who do not want to be useless and ignorant toward kids, teenagers and our youngest citizens in Poland. Whose fate was to be removed from their families and homes to spend their childhood without their loved ones and family members. We are encouraging everyone, individual people like us, you and all Polish businesses, to help us make an afford to make our organization become strong and an active part of our Polish community for this beautiful and very important cause such as helping kids.

Together, we have a chance to do much more for these kids, so they could believe that there are families and people in this world who would care for them and would like become part of their lives even from a distance; people who share or would like to share a good word, perhaps hope by sending letters or even some financial assistance or material goods to improve their daily living.

Let’s remember that all the kids who are living in orphanage will be grateful and thankful for each donation to make brighter days possible during their wait for a better tomorrow. Sometimes it could be even a small gift or donation by sending different things such as: clothing, diapers, books or toys. In some cases, there could be bigger needs such as: a new roof or home improvements or even contributing toward their vacation time during the summer perhaps even a new playground.

Please note: All of their information and needs which are listed directly by them could be found on one of our links,www.domydziecka.com, where at the same time you will have a chance to find all the necessary information of their location and how they are doing.

You may also donate directly to our organization online, where donated funds will be posted on our organization account. Also, you may write a check to our organization, “Dom Dziecka, ” and mail it directly to us at:  P.O Box 300611  Chicago,IL. 60630-0611.

In the name of our organization “Dom dziecka” and on behalf of all the children and teens who are residing in orphanages until their adulthood we would like to thank all of you for your help and support for such a rewarding cause.

Thank you !!!

– The non for profit organization of Dom Dziecka.